Why Learn From Me?

My introduction to guns officially came through my military service.  I was put through training that was a combination of military familiarization training and law enforcement handgun combat training.  I did not carry a gun outside of military service after that training because I didn’t want to have to be on my guard all the time to protect my pistol, and I didn’t want to end up having to shoot somebody for trying to steal my gun.

After I watched a man die because I didn’t have CPR training, I learned CPR.  (and became a Paramedic).  After I was mugged, I learned a more aggressive style of unarmed self-defense.  I didn’t want to learn the next lesson the hard way. There seem to be more reports about mass casualty assaults.  I knew that I didn’t want to be the one who decided to go barehanded to the next mass casualty incident.  I do not want to watch another person die that would not have died if I had chosen to be prepared.  And I don’t want you to have to do that either.  But it is just as important to me that you don’t take a life by mistake or error in judgment because you received inadequate training.

Once I learned about the training provided by the US Concealed Carry Association, I renewed my familiarity with handguns, got my CPL training and then went for my instructor’s certification.  I like the USCCA approach to training for several reasons:

  1.   It stresses the notion that you can avoid danger in the first place and still live a fulfilled life.
  2.   Adequate time is spent on teaching the rules of handgun use.
  3.    As a lawyer, I really appreciate that they also teach you about what happens after you decide to shoot — how your application of those rules will be reviewed by law enforcement personnel and by the courts after the fact.
  4.   My course recognizes that gunfight shooting is completely different than range shooting or hunting.
  5.   You need to learn a fighting style that works with the way your body will naturally respond to a high intensity conflict situation.

Because I thought the questions were serious, I wanted to become an instructor so I could make sure my friends and family could get a quality education to keep themselves safe, both physically and legally.

My philosophy is to focus on what USCCA and I believe to be the most important concepts of the class: being safe around firearms and learning about use of force and the law regarding use of deadly force.

I don’t want to oversell.  You won’t learn to become an expert gunfighter after an 8 hour block of instruction and practice.  We want to provide the legal and safety information that can start you off on the right foot with a solid foundation to build on, having met the training requirements to apply for your Concealed Pistol License in Michigan.

Jon Luker

Although I’m somewhat new to firearms training, I have provided training in medical, winter survival and high adventure activities and I have taught a variety of college level business and law courses.  I will be able to keep you interested and I will be able to respond to your needs during our time in class together.

I spend the bulk of my time working with US military veterans, helping them to get connected to the resources they and their loved ones need to recover from military service connected issues.